Freedom Double offsetUmbrella

Manufacturer: Italian Collection
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Umbrellas: Freedom Double Offset

With only a single post, the unique Freedom Double Offset umbrella provides twice as much shade. However, the best choice for long spaces is the Double Canopy Side Post: these come in sizes 10 to 20 and 13 to 26, providing shade for between 200 and 338 ft.² areas. Constructed with heavy duty aluminum spokes, these amazing umbrellas can handle even the harshest weather conditions because both the post and side arm are constructed from powder coated steel. Our sturdy umbrellas are renowned for their durability; however, if required, replacement parts are easily available.

Freedom Double Offset Umbrella

Has available powder coatings in Black, Brown, Grey, and White; or if you prefer another color we can simply custom-order your umbrella in the color of your choice. No problem! Our strong and reliable Double Patio umbrella is made by hand in Europe by highly experienced artisans who excel at their craft.

These Commercial Patio Umbrellas

have optional Rain-gutters. These can be easily attached and/or removed at any time.

These Commercial Umbrellas

come with high-quality accessories and finishing touches, such as powerful wind stabilizer bars ensuring stability in heavy weather conditions, stainless steel cables and cranks, and ventilation within the canopy for easy airflow.

The canopies are constructed from a solution-dyed Sunbrella acrylic fabric, with each canopy comprising the same beautiful color on both the inside and outside. As an added bonus this Sunbrella fabric has a UV rating of 95%, thus offering protection from ultraviolet rays.

Our canopies are the highest quality available on the market today. With their water resistance, longevity, and water durability, you simply won’t find better. In addition, they’re very easy to clean, they don’t trap the heat, and they’re fade resistant!

Outdoor umbrellas

are a classy addition to any home or business; providing a shady retreat and wonderful area just to sit and enjoy the day when the sun is beating down.